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Projects within The Aesthetics of Music and Sound.

For Projects within The Performances of Everyday Living, please see here.


(Click on titles for project descriptions. Please note that a selective bibliography is available by means of a link at the bottom of this page.)



1.Understanding Music through Modern Technology


a) Recognizing Music


(Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Cynthia M. Grund)


b) Recognition of Expressive Styles in Music Performance


(Niklas Saers (Ph.D.-project) with Kristoffer Jensen, Mogens Christensen)


The different playing styles of a large number of music instruments will also be investigated in a related performance-based research project.


(Mogens Chrisensen, Axel Momme <Axel Momme is an alumnus of The Aesthetics of Music and Sound. This description serves as documention of Axel Momme's research role in the program when he was an active member>, Niklas Saers, Kristoffer Jensen)


c) Autonomous Agents – An Accompanist in VR


(Kristoffer Jensen, Lars Graugaard)


d) The Composition and its Role in the Ensemble


(Søren R. Frimodt-Møller)


2. Intermediality


a) Intermediality


(Lars Ole Sauerberg)


b) Lyric and Meaning in Music


(Claudio Cifuentes-Aldunate)


c) Towards an Aesthetic Theory of Correlativity


(Mogens Davidsen)


d) Are Treatments of the Metaphysics of Music in Medieval Literature Relevant for Current Theories of Musical Meaning and Significance?


(Marianne Børch)


3. Learning through Music


a) Music Communication


(Mogens Christensen, Frederik Søegaard, Axel Momme <Axel Momme is an alumnus of The Aesthetics of Music and Sound. This description serves as documention of Axel Momme's research role in the program when he was an active member>, Hans Sydow)


b) Children's Knowledge Creation with Intelligent Agents in Music Education - Understanding for Optimizing Motivations


(Eva Petersson, Tony Brooks, Kristoffer Jensen)


c) Adaptable Interfaces & Augmented Avatar (JC) - Introducing Tools  for Disabled and Musicians in VR


(Kristoffer Jensen, Tony Brooks, Eva Petersson)


d) Community Singing and/or Ideology


(Peter Edlef Nissen; Peter Edlef Nissen is an alumnus of The Aesthetics of Music and Sound. This description serves as documention of Peter Edlef Nissen's research role in the program when he was an active member.)


e) Creating Creativity


(Anne Helle Jespersen)


f) Understanding Musical Creativity and Aesthetics in a Digital-Based Youth Cultural Context


(Mikkel Snorre Wilms Boysen) 


g) The Sound of Movement - the Sound of Learning


(Herdis Toft)


4. Practice-based Research


a) Analysis and Implementation of Practice-Based Research


Tere Vadén, William Westney, Fredrik Søegaard, Cynthia M. Grund


b) Relationship of Gesture to Communicative Authenticity in Performance 


(William Westney, Kristoffer Jensen,  Cynthia M. Grund)


c) Musical Implications of the Work of Selected Philosophers 


(William Westney, Cynthia M. Grund)


d) Employing the Methods of Discourse Narrative to Support Interpretive Choices Faced by the Practicing Musician    


(William Westney, Marianne Horsdal, Cynthia M. Grund)


e) Soundmapping the Genes    


(Fredrik Søegaard, Claus Gahrn)


f) A Program of Practice-based Research Designed to Examine Listener Reaction to Olivier Messiaens Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jesus


(Morten Heide)


g) The Interrelationship of Notation and Performance


(Inge Bjarke)


h) Technological and Aesthetic Investigations of the Physical Movements of Pianists


(William Westney and Cynthia M. Grund as part of the Texas Tech Transdiscliplinary Academy research team together with Michael O'Boyle and James Yang)


5. Selective Bibliography