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This list of international research networks with which members of The Aesthetics of Music and Sound are actively cooperating  is continually updated as it grows. Members of AMS are current or recent members of the networks listed, on organizing committees for the listed societies and their affiliated conferences, contributors and editors on various levels for the publications listed, or peer reviewers for the various conferences and publications. The logos are hyperlinks.




 ArtsIT-Arts and Technology






Computer Music and Music Retrieval

(For additional background, please see http://www.musicandmeaning.net/issues/CFP.php?artID=5.2 and http://www.nnimipa.org/marseille2013.html)






fourMs: Music, Mind, Motion, Machines is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Oslo comprising researchers from the departments of informatics and musicology






    International Community for Auditory Display






International Computer Music Association









         ISMIR - The International Society for Music Information Retrieval






JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning

(Funded by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities.)







·         Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics,  Performance and Aesthetics (Supported by NORDPLUS 2007-2010; a research network under NordForsk September 1, 2010-August 1, 2013.) 


              Current Partners within NNIMIPA:

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts/Syddansk Musikkonservatorium & Skuespillerskole-SMKS, Odense and Esbjerg, Denmark

Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark (AAUE)

The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (KTH)

Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, Sweden (MHM-LU)

 University of Oslo, Norway (UIO)

Grieg Academy, Bergen University College, Norway (GA-BUC)

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland (AaU)

University of Tampere, Finland (UTA)

 Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland (SIBA)

Bifröst University, Iceland (BU)

University of Iceland, Iceland (UI).




netværk for tværvidenskabelige studier af musik og betydning/

network for cross-disciplinary studies of music and meaning


(Note on September 21, 2012: This is largely an archival site, where the rich variety of programs sponsored by NTSMB from 2001-2010 may be viewed. NTSMB was the exploratory network founded in 2001 with two years' worth start-up funding from the Danish Council for Research in the Humanities and in which JMM, NNIMIPA and the present program/site, The Aesthetics of Music and Sound, all have their origins.)





                    PHILOSOPHY meets POPULAR CULTURE







re-new - digital arts forum





Royal Music Association

Music and Philosophy Study Group







Systematic Understanding of Music

(Funded by Nordic Culture Point



In addition, cooperation has been established with Frontiers of Research in Sound and Music, a research network currently under development which recently held a conference in India, where AMS was represented.






The Aesthetics of Music and Sound - www.soundmusicresearch.org -

Cross-Disciplinary Interplay between theHumanities, Technology and Musical Practice






The Aesthetics of Music and Sound - www.soundmusicresearch.org

Cross-Disciplinary Interplay between the Humanities, Technology and Musical Practice:

Site of the SDU-IKV Research Program: The Performances of Everyday Living




Department for the
Study of Culture




Research Director for 

The Performances of

Everyday Living

Coordinator for

The Aesthetics of

Music and Sound


Editor and Webmaster for


Cynthia M. Grund






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