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Project Descriptions



1.Understanding Music through Modern Technology


b) Recognition of Expressive Styles in Music Performance


This project within the area of MIR aims at investigating, analysing and modelling the acoustic and perceptive changes when a musician is changing the expressive style. Particular emphasis will be put on the recorder. The recorder is a wind instrument that is going through a renaissance. More and more people study it at conservatory level and even in Denmark there are high profile players educated like Bolette Røed, Dan Laurin and Michaela Petri. With this renaissance, much contemporary classical music is written for the recorder, exploring every possibility of the instrument, beautiful as well as obscure. While most of the well- known repertoire is from the baroque period and earlier, there has actually been written more music for the recorder after 1930 than before. The recorder is also going through a cultural shift where it’s adopted more and more by Asian musicians who bring to the instrument their culture and musicality. Analysis of intonation, loudness and timbral changes when playing at different volumes or musical styles will be an aid in music education, artificial intelligence music synthesis models and for makers of music instruments.


(Niklas Saers (Ph.D.-project) with Kristoffer Jensen, Mogens Christensen)


The different playing styles of a large number of music instruments will also be investigated in a performance-based research project. Verbal, acoustic and gestural analysis will be made. The perceptual outcome will be analysed. This project will be made in cooperation with the students at the VMK, as well as with reknowned instrumentalists.


(Mogens Christensen, Axel Momme, Niklas Saers, Kristoffer Jensen)



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1.Understanding Music through Modern Technology

a) Recognizing Music

b) Recognition of Expressive Styles in Music Performance

c) Autonomous Agents – An Accompanist in VR

d) The Composition and Its Role in the Ensemble

2. Intermediality

a) Intermediality

b) Lyric and Meaning in Music

c) Towards an Aesthetic Theory of Correlativity

d) Are Treatments of the Metaphysics of Music in Medieval Literature Relevant for Current Theories of Musical Meaning and Significance?

3. Learning through Music

a) Music Communication

b) Children's Knowledge Creation with Intelligent Agents in Music Education - Understanding for Optimizing Motivations

c) Adaptable Interfaces & Augmented Avatar - Introducing Tools for the Disabled and Musicians in VR

d) Community Singing and/or Ideology

e) Creating Creativity

f) Understanding Musical Creativity and Aesthetics in a Digital-Based Youth Cultural Context

g) The Sound of Movement - the Sound of Learning 

4. Practice-based Research

a) Analysis and Implementation of Practice-Based Research

b) Relationship of Gesture to Communicative Authenticity in Performance

c) Musical Implications of the Work of Selected Philosophers

d) Employing the Methods of Discourse Narrative to Support Interpretive Choices Faced by the Practicing Musician

e) Soundmapping the Genes

f) A Program of Practice-based Research Designed to Examine Listener Reaction to Olivier Messiaens Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jesus

g) The Interrelationship of Notation and Performance

h) Technological and Aesthetic Investigations of the Physical Movements of Pianists

5. Selective Bibliography