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Cross-Disciplinary Interplay between the Humanities, Technology and Musical Practice    


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2. Intermediality


            b) Lyric and Meaning in Music


Music is a cultural phenomenon of great complexity. If we look at the tango as a representative genre, for example, we can see that it comprehends poetry, music and dance all in one. Of the three manifestations of tango, Claudio Cifuentes-Aldunate finds that its poetry is of special interest

     Recently he has been focusing on poetry in tango. Special attention has been directed to some of the particular “semas” that concentrate around the isotopy of melancholy.

     The result of this combination (dance, music and poetry) constructs the paradox which rests in “dancing the sadness” of life.

     Claudio Cifuentes-Aldunate's current and research on these forms of intermediality investigates the way that music informs literary texts and literary texts inform music.

(Claudio Cifuentes-Aldunate)




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1.Understanding Music through Modern Technology

a) Recognizing Music

b) Recognition of Expressive Styles in Music Performance

c) Autonomous Agents – An Accompanist in VR

d) The Composition and Its Role in the Ensemble

2. Intermediality

a) Intermediality

b) Lyric and Meaning in Music

c) Towards an Aesthetic Theory of Correlativity

d) Are Treatments of the Metaphysics of Music in Medieval Literature Relevant for Current Theories of Musical Meaning and Significance?

3. Learning through Music

a) Music Communication

b) Children's Knowledge Creation with Intelligent Agents in Music Education - Understanding for Optimizing Motivations

c) Adaptable Interfaces & Augmented Avatar - Introducing Tools for the Disabled and Musicians in VR

d) Community Singing and/or Ideology

e) Creating Creativity

f) Understanding Musical Creativity and Aesthetics in a Digital-Based Youth Cultural Context

g) The Sound of Movement -the Sound of Learning

4. Practice-based Research

a) Analysis and Implementation of Practice-Based Research

b) Relationship of Gesture to Communicative Authenticity in Performance

c) Musical Implications of the Work of Selected Philosophers

d) Employing the Methods of Discourse Narrative to Support Interpretive Choices Faced by the Practicing Musician

e) Soundmapping the Genes

f) A Program of Practice-based Research Designed to Examine Listener Reaction to Olivier Messiaens Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jesus

g) The Interrelationship of Notation and Performance

h) Technological and Aesthetic Investigations of the Physical Movements of Pianists

5. Selective Bibliography